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デザイン的なインパクトも然ることながら、ピストの本質である、シンプルさに重きを置き、更にそこに重厚感、高級感、存在感を兼ね揃えるリーダーバイクの製品は、世界だけでなく、日本でも、多くのアーティスト、ミュージシャン、業界人、芸能人が、LEADER BIKEの虜となる。


Born and raised in San Diego, Leader Bikes has greatly depended on the cycling community surrounding us for it’s growth.We’re fortunate enough to live and ride in a city with a great cycling scene which has fostered our company’s passion for what we do. Founded in ’99, Leader owner Sal Lombroso came to track bikes when first venturing onto our local velodrome in 2003. He created the 735 to train and race on the track, and since then has let his fascination with the velodrome grow his company into one of the most broad ranging cycling companies with a focus on track bikes.

Composed of a team of cyclists, we’re an office who ride in and with San Diego. Week day fixed gear rides from our head quarters just outside downtown and weekend road rides through the mountains surrounding our city make up a good chunk of our free time when we’re not working on designing, building, and shipping bikes. Some of our staff takes it even a step further, with being active racers in the Southern California cycling team and in some cases even race on our sponsored team of riders.
With a good amount of dedicated local riders, group rides, and an active race scene, San Diego’s allowed us to grow and it’s cycling scene has served as a great incubator for designing and testing our products before releasing them to the rest of the world.