Leader Bikes

Customer Service

Please contact your local authorized Leader Bikes dealer for immediate assistance on questions and information regarding Leader Bikes products including pricing, specifications, upgrades, bicycle and frame weights, service and maintenance, model availability, warranty replacement, etc.


*Leader Bikes North American Warranty Policy*


Leader Bikes provides a warranty on all products for the original owner with proof of purchase.

When a warranty claim is valid, Leader Bikes offers a replacement product of equal value. When unable to satisfy with current production a store credit toward new product will be given.

Length of warranty coverage as follows:

  • -Bicycle Frames – Two years from date or purchase
  • -Carbon Fiber frames are covered for one year from date of purchase.
  • -Forks & Components – Two years Warranty
  • -Miscallaneous Parts – No Warranty
  • -Miscallaneous parts include but are not limited to tires, tubes, saddles, paint, decals, handlebar tape, grips, brakes, etc.

Our warranty covers manufacturer defects, which DO NOT include damage resulting from improper use or a lack of maintenance.

Heavily worn, abused, dented, or crashed frames will NOT be covered.

Leader Bikes has sole discretion to validate a warranty on any Leader Bikes product.

Customer is responsible for all labor, shipping, and processing fees.


Filing a Warranty Claim


To file a warranty claim contact the authorized dealer where the product was purchased. You will need the following to file a claim:

  • -Make & Model
  • -Proof of purchase/receipt




Leader Bikes is not responsible for the safe storing of your bicycle, proper bike maintenance, or for making sure your bike is ridden safely.


Leader Bikes North American Warranty Procedures


  • -Through authorized dealer
  • -Bring product in question to an authorized Leader Bikes dealer.
  • -Authorized dealer assesses whether the end-user has a valid claim.
  • -Dealer contacts Leader Bikes to initiate warranty claim with:
  • -Make and model
  • -Proof of purchase/receipt
  • -If warranty claim is valid, replacement product is sent to dealer.

*End-user is responsible for all labor/shipping costs.

  • -Through the End-User Directly
  • -End-user submits a warranty claim form, proof of purchase, and photos of the product to warranty@leaderbikes.com
  • -If claim is validated by Leader Bikes, end-user ships product to Leader Bikes warehouse.
  • -Leader Bikes inspects product in question, and reviews claim form.
  • -If warranty claim is valid, replacement product is sent to end-user.

*End-user is responsible for all labor/shipping costs.